Amos Tarvels

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Amos Tarvels1[AY·mows tar·vells] is a bookseller and accountant living in Brilliance. He runs a printing press out of his store, The Dripping Pen.

Early life

Born to merchant-farmer parents in the tradespost directly south of Brilliance, he spent his childhood seeing the walls of the city like a white mountain, miragelike, in the distance.

Travelling bookshop business



Teal [by @Kattrix]

Teal (employee)

They have a tentative but mutually respectful relationship. Despite occasional communication issues, she appreciates his willingness to see past her inability to speak; he enjoys her company for its lack of judgement and finds her assistance with the printing press indispensable. Teal’s non-forest name is based on his best guesses at her first name.



  • The glasses and loupe help mitigate his dyslexia.
    • He is also moderately farsighted.


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    [AY·mows tar·vells]