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Anna1[ANN·uh] is a mechanique from Brilliance, recently escaped from captivity.

Early life / creation

Eleanor initially treated Anna well, referring to her with the name Eibhlin2[AYV·lin] and dressing her like a doll. Initially discomfited by the strange, lifelike qualities exhibited by something she’d bought as a curiosity, Eleanor contacted Roan. After being assured by Roan that “it’s only as dangerous as any person,” Eleanor started keeping a closer watch. The final straw came when “Eibhlin” interrupted Eleanor to identify herself as Anna instead.

Previous to this, she’d had access to more of the public-facing areas of the house, and been boxed up only at night. Afterwards she spent her days in a cage with bars welded closed.


She left Lady Eleanor’s estate early one morning in what she estimates was the year 1937. At the time, she had existed for ten years and two-hundred-sixty-seven days.



Teal [by @Kattrix]

Teal (partner)

The feelings between Teal and Anna are occasionally tumultuous, and they have split several times. They always end up coming back together after working through their issues, usually sooner rather than later. They consider themselves friends; their bond most closely resembles a queerplatonic relationship.

Selected themes

Lady Eleanor [by @suitcasedragon]

Lady Eleanor May (former owner / captor)

Anna is conflicted over their relationship.

Lady Eleanor [by @suitcasedragon]

Roan Kaffleric (creator)

Having only brief and negative memories of Roan, Anna feels slightly negative but mostly ambivalent about them as a person.


I have always been in cages, but they used to have gilded edges and doors with locks.

The Caged Machine

You can call me heartless; there is no heart in my chest.

The Caged Machine


  • Anna presents as feminine and uses she and her pronouns mostly out of habit. Since she is not uncomfortable with them, she sees no need to use others.
  • She is very prone to hyperfixation, and will often create to the point of destruction.
  • Though infeasible from a purely technological standpoint, her wings do provide her with a birdlike form of flight.
    • This relates back to the Skalken theory of magic; to wit, that belief of or in the form will contribute to the ultimate function of the form.
    • The fact that Anna can create magic-fueled mechanics suggests that she can manipulate magic.
    • There are regions of the continent in which her wings do not work. There are also regions in which she must alter her flight style in order to stay aloft.


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