Bandage Boy

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A nameless child on the streets, the bandage boy estimates his age to be around twelve to fourteen years. He currently lives in an unused section of the sewers underneath the border of the mercantile district in Ectance.

Early life

Though fairly sure he has never lived outside of Ectance, the bandage boy is unsure of where, or to whom, he may have been born.

Scarring incident

After running afoul of gangs one too many times, he was given a hand-shaped facial scar by Lialle. As part of the same incident, he was forced to swallow a small amount of magic. Due to the unpredictable nature of magic, and lack of access to medical care, he is lucky that it cauterized the wounds it left near-instantly. At the time, he estimates his age at around thirteen years.

Short-term, he lost sight in his right eye, sense of smell, and ability to swallow. More long-term effects include persistent filmy cataracts over his right eye, loss of some taste, and relative immovability of the right side of his face. He also tends to flinch at the city’s small magical explosions, when he did not do so before.

Magical exploits



Jaslen (friend)


“It started off with a bang. Not even a metaphorical bang; this was a very, very literal bang.”

“I didn’t know it was a gang when I got involved!”

“I’ve been the watcher and the wonderer—it’s time for me to be the catalyst.”


  • Experience with magical burns has made him frightened of magic, which is a problem for obvious reasons.
    • Blind or mostly blind in his right eye due to magical damage. Any remaining peripheral vision is hazy and unhelpfully indistinct.
    • Facial burns pull at the skin around his eye and mouth, giving him both a partial wide-eyed expression and a permanent smirk.
    • Has lost significant amounts of taste to the magical burns on his tongue; however, he did not notice for nearly a year due to food options not being extensive.
  • Occasionally goes by the alias Basiel, when a ‘proper name’ is requested. Does not consider himself to have a ‘real’ name, and thinks of himself by his more descriptive title.
  • Does not excel at thinking on his feet; tends to speak before thinking of potential ramifications.