Residents of Eluthisura

  • Silvanten Caverie
    Silvanten Caverie is a career criminal based primarily in Chime. Early life Crimes begin Crimes continue Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Despite moving in similar circles, Silvanten only… read more »
  • Pelvis
    Pelvis is an ex-dragon construct that was trapped for at least a century in the bones of a deceased priest. Its name derives from the fact that shattering the pelvic bone was what freed it. It now lives in the bones of Armoire and is a mildly helpful nuisance.
  • Candor Marcheska
    Candor is a young immigrant living in the shipyards of Brilliance; they—and their family—are originally from Mellery.
  • Vielle Marcheska
    Vielle Marcheska is a knitter of scarves and full-time caretaker living in Brilliance. Early life Journey to Brilliance Career Gallery Relationships Candor Marcheska (child) Quotes Trivia Related
  • Oriane-Nafiya
    Oriane-Nafiya is an author, poet, and ex-acolyte of the false deity known as the Seeling. She grew up in Lora-Quielle, but now lives in Velm. Early life Orianna was born… read more »
  • The Seeling
    The Seeling is a false deity also known as Aecoyye or Sky-Healer. It occasionally appears to its believers in a mask of damp river-clay sculpted to a vaguely feminine face bordered by celestial motifs; without the mask, its body is covered by a white shroud.
  • Cyril
    Cyril is an indentured apprentice enchanter who inherited The Enchanter’s of Sune after his owner-teacher-predecessor mysteriously disappeared. Early life Cyril recalls little of his early life. This is in part… read more »
  • Agravi
    Agravi is a quasi-unpaid employee currently assisting Cyril in running The Enchanter’s of Sune. Early life Journey to Sune At the Enchanter’s Gallery Relationships Cyril (co-annoyance, friend, sort-of-employer) Quotes Trivia… read more »
  • Zilke Kovesa
    Zilke Kovesa spends her time maintaining the bells in the Harser, Keffellhoffen, and Kovesa towers around the Center Square of Chime. Early life Musical education Illness and loss of hearing… read more »
  • Pelem Caida Axines
    Pelem Caide Axines is a dancer and traveling performer from Kol Kietch. Early life Dancing career Travels Gallery Relationships Giselle (fellow performer) Quotes Trivia Related
  • Kestarven Wachel
    Kestarven Wachel is a composer and translator living on the outskirts of Toly. Early life Raised by an anthropologist and a retired barber, Kes grew up with a nurtured interest… read more »
  • Feal Candesort
    Feal Candesort Early life Feal Candesort was raised by affable but absent parents in the city of Chime. She has a much-older sibling, but they have never met; Feal was… read more »
  • Felix Melamry
    Felix Melamry is an enchanter operating out of Sune. Early life Born Giselle Melamry, he was raised in a fringe settlement slightly northwards from Velm. His parents, while otherwise not… read more »
  • Giselle Candesort
    Giselle is a young acrobat traveling with her troupe through the many regions of Eluthisura. While not especially flexible for an tumbler, she also entertains by dancing with her sword—a skill she modified from her childhood fencing lessons.
  • Jaslen
    Early life Soraci career Gallery Relationships Bandage Boy (friend) Quotes Trivia Related
  • Merrell Belkerst
    Merrell Belkerst is a shopkeeper, con artist, and former thief currently making their living in Henwalf. Early life Career as ‘Thief of Masks’ Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate)… read more »
  • Amos Tarvels
    Amos Tarvels is a bookseller and accountant living in Brilliance. He runs a printing press out of his store, The Dripping Pen. Early life Born to merchant-farmer parents in the… read more »
  • Bandage Boy
    A nameless child on the streets, the bandage boy estimates his age to be around sixteen years. He currently lives in an unused section of the sewers underneath the border of the mercantile district.
  • Lialle Fisliery
    The Eldest Sibling Introduction Early life Scarring incident Magical crimes Gallery Relationships Brick (friend) Quotes “” Trivia Related
  • Nebdsal “Brick” Pars
    The Young Enforcer Introduction Early life Possible gang affiliation Gallery Relationships Lialle Fisliery (friend) Quotes “” Trivia Related
  • Armoire
    Armoire is a young porridge enthusiast residing in northern Eluthisura. He is currently possessed by the spirit of an ex-dragon with an affinity for bone.
  • Sock
    Sock is a small quadrupedal dragon who functions as a nuisance and moonlights as a navigational device. He is flightless in the way that chickens and especially determined cats are flightless. Very little is known about Sock, perhaps especially by itself.
  • Lady Eleanor May
    Lady Eleanor Ambritte May, born Therese Fasly, is a contradictory individual.
  • Erin Salo
    Erin lives a somewhat sheltered life in the back of his mother’s apothecary. He has empty eye sockets, due to a magical accident before he was born, and he sees with 3 free-floating “eyes”—enchanted crystal balls—that follow him around. He enjoys his work in the shop, and has no wish to go outside.
  • Mousetrap
    Mousetrap is a magical construct that has (more or less) free reign of Drawermarket. The town’s residents treat it much like a stray cat.
  • Leonard Sprack
    Leonard Sprack is a young explorer based in Brilliance. Though he thinks of himself as most prominently an adventure-seeker, he is better known throughout Eluthisura for his written works. He… read more »
  • Teal
    Teal is a young adult on an ‘adventure’ away from her home in the Forest of Silence. She works in The Dripping Pen as a typesetter, when not tangled up… read more »
  • Anna
    Anna is a mechanique from Brilliance, recently escaped from captivity. Early life / creation Eleanor initially treated Anna well, referring to her with the name Eibhlin and dressing her like… read more »