Bring-Your-Own-Kettle is a traveler’s song that reached popularity around the turn of the 14th century. It consists of a wordless melody to be played on any instrument1including vocals and intended to be altered based on the player’s whims. The inverted version of the melody is also popular, and can be played on most pitched percussion instruments.

The widespread and lasting effect of this song on the population of Eluthisura can be attributed dually to both its versatility and its playful nature. While the melody is set2for a given value of set, it is not intended as a one-instrument piece. Members of the traveler’s group are encouraged to clap, stomp, clatter, or otherwise accompany the melody. In fact, the name Bring-Your-Own-Kettle alludes to banging pots and pans together; it is meant as a lively fireside song.

In more contemporary times, it has been revived through covers by multiple musicians and groups. The traditional version has the most heart, but a point on favor of the covers is a certain precision of rhythm and tune.

  • 1
    including vocals
  • 2
    for a given value of set