Candor Marcheska

Candor Marcheska1[CAN·door mar·CHESS·kuh] is a young immigrant living in the shipyards of Brilliance; they—and their family—are originally from Mellery.

Because their biological father was a water-dryad, Candor has some degree of control over moderate amounts of river water, which they typically use in lieu of prosthetic forearms and hands as it gives them better fine motor control. However, they do occasionally switch to prosthetics when water isn’t ideal.

Early life / creation

Due to an unfortunate incident2Complications from magical exposure. they were born without limbs, but their mothers were able to take them to Brilliance at a young age, where they saved enough money to afford custom prosthetic construction.

Journey to Brilliance





“I wish I knew how to make my hair do anything. I am subject to its whims!”



  • 1
    [CAN·door mar·CHESS·kuh]
  • 2
    Complications from magical exposure.