Cithhur is the most widespread spoken language of Eluthisura, and is commonly considered the official language of the continent. It has roots in Cahenhes, the language of the now-abandoned Cahelles settlement north of Brilliance. Several variants of Cithhur exist, each with a different regionalisms and pronunciations; these include Khym-cithhur, Ancithh, and Brillian.

Chimian Lullaby

Also known more specifically in Chime as Song for the Star-Filled Expanse, the Chimian Lullaby is probably the most famous song to originate south of the Forest of Silence. It can be played on several varieties of bells, but is almost always played around dusk as a sort of evening melody.


The cahes style is a particular type of building ornamentation. Though there are several variations, a typical cahes-style structure will be made of white or off-white material. Traditionally, this material was stone; a recent tax on stone exports has resulted in the development of a technique to make an economical plaster siding which appears the… read more »


A caheritha is a building made in the cahes style.


A crystal ball, specifically one belonging to the subset that has no use for divination.