A species of dragon indigenous to the Waste, knuckers vary in color from sandy gold to reddish brown. A typical knucker community inhabits holes dug in the sand and preys on the desert mammals that wander nearby. Occasionally, if prey is scarce, they will leave their holes at night and wander into human cities in… read more »


Khym-cithhur is the Chime-regional variant of Cithhur. It is characterized by emphasis on drawn-out sibilance and rapid fluctuations in pitch. This difference in tone works in the same manner as inflection in other regional variants, and a change in pitch can signify alternate meaning for specific words.


A small dragon-lizard with uniform smooth, thin scales set in a diamond offset pattern down its sides. They live primarily in wooded terrain and build their dens close to water. Their fins, tails, and flat feet are adapted for short-distance swimming. The primary diet of a kaolintel is the ilkwen and any small, slow-moving creatures… read more »