The field of magimeteorology is a blanket category that covers a wide range of analysis and specialties, including the study of atmospheric distribution, weather prediction, hazard level, and magical density. To the chagrin of its practicitioners, magimeteorology is largely hypothetical, due to its circumstances not lending themselves well to duplicable experiments or outcomes. [M]agimeteorology will… read more »


Magical practitioners from the vaguely defined flatlands of Kol Kietch and its surrounding area.


A méchanquien is defined as a human who has part of their body replaced with a mechanical alternative; this can be any bodily component, from limb to process to bodily function. The group contains a wide swath of humanity, from those with a heart-pump or mechanical eye to those almost entirely comprised of mechanical parts…. read more »


A magic user from Brilliance, or the surrounding region. Méchanques tend to work with primarily non-magical mechanisms, only infusing or inserting magic to an individual component or after the completion of the work.

magical exposure

While most Eluthisurans are exposed to magic on a daily basis, ‘magical exposure’ is more strictly defined as a circumstance in which exposure to magic has a notable influence or effect on the appearance, cognition, and / or existence of a person or object.