The raptling can change the color and texture of its scales in order to hypnotize its prey. Individuals specimens range from anywhere from two to five feet in length, and tend to have spindly, near-skeletal wings. They are easily identified by the bony ridges protruding over their eyes. Their typical range is a ten-mile radius… read more »


A draconic species native to the borders of the Waste, the reticelling has a transparent faceted body. An interesting example of what happens when magic combines with evolution, these dragons are made of glass. One of the few draconic species to produce fire, mature reticellings can refract sunlight through their bodies such that it is… read more »


A black, viscous substance most commonly used in the preparation of spells by the enchanters of Sune. Highly flammable, and reacts violently with water. Mainly used in a mixture formulated to deter reticellings.