A palm-size treat cooked in a shallow tin. Despite their name, tin-cakes are often more savory than sweet. The sweetened cakes are baked much the same, but garnished with a dusting of sugar.


A toccwind is a magimeteorological phenomenon during which the wind patterns sculpt clouds into spiral or loop-like patterns.


The taes symbol language differs from mapmarks and similar pictographs in that it straddles the area between read and pictured images. It is separate from map marks, and typically does not appear on map legends, since it is a well-established cartographical shorthand. Though taes-whits originated in the mid-1400s around the area that would become the… read more »


The symbol language taes has individual symbols called taes-whits. Each tae-whit is comprised of two strokes, with one typically having a more vertical alignment and the other horizontal. Though they are directional, they are intended to be difficult to confuse at any possible angle.


A tradesmark in taes is more complex than the typical two-stroke format. Tradesmarks can include up to six strokes and are constructed as an amalgamation of the signatory’s claimed location, profession or proficiency, and / or a symbol they feel drawn to.