Brilliance is a city-state that expanded slowly from the size of a small town. As such, only “Brilliance proper” is actually considered to be Brilliance by most mapmakers; the mercantile district, shipyard, barracks, wall-regions, and outer guard turrets are all relatively recent additions that function as protections and fringe areas for Brilliance — though they are slowly integrating to a more cohesive whole.

Vielle Marcheska

Vielle Marcheska is a knitter of scarves and full-time caretaker living in Brilliance. Early life Journey to Brilliance Career Gallery Relationships Candor Marcheska (child) Quotes Trivia Related

Candor Marcheska

Candor is a young immigrant living in the shipyards of Brilliance; they—and their family—are originally from Mellery.

Amos Tarvels

Amos Tarvels is a bookseller and accountant living in Brilliance. He runs a printing press out of his store, The Dripping Pen. Early life Born to merchant-farmer parents in the tradespost directly south of Brilliance, he spent his childhood seeing the walls of the city like a white mountain, miragelike, in the distance. Travelling bookshop… read more »

Merrell Belkerst

Merrell Belkerst is a shopkeeper, con artist, and former thief currently making their living in Henwalf. Early life Career as ‘Thief of Masks’ Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Silvanten Caverie (co-conspirator) Silvanten is Merrell’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both operating outside of the law, the specific moral lines they each draw… read more »


Sock is a small quadrupedal dragon who functions as a nuisance and moonlights as a navigational device. He is flightless in the way that chickens and especially determined cats are flightless. Very little is known about Sock, perhaps especially by itself.

Lady Eleanor May

Lady Eleanor Ambritte May, born Therese Fasly, is a contradictory individual.

Leonard Sprack

Leonard Sprack is a young explorer based in Brilliance. Though he thinks of himself as most prominently an adventure-seeker, he is better known throughout Eluthisura for his written works. He is the first young noble-class author to pen magical analyses of the major regions of the continent, as well as the first to write travel… read more »


Teal is a young adult on an ‘adventure’ away from her home in the Forest of Silence. She works in The Dripping Pen as a typesetter, when not tangled up in Anna’s travels and misadventures. Early life Aaptil Chiu was born in a village on the edge of Miracle in the Forest of Silence. Raised… read more »


Anna is a mechanique from Brilliance, recently escaped from captivity. Early life / creation Eleanor initially treated Anna well, referring to her with the name Eibhlin and dressing her like a doll. Initially discomfited by the strange, lifelike qualities exhibited by something she’d bought as a curiosity, Eleanor contacted Roan. After being assured by Roan… read more »