Zilke Kovesa

Zilke Kovesa spends her time maintaining the bells in the Harser, Keffellhoffen, and Kovesa towers around the Center Square of Chime. Early life Musical education Illness and loss of hearing Gallery Relationships Feal Candesort (student) Quotes Trivia Related

Silvanten Caverie

Silvanten Caverie is a career criminal based primarily in Chime. Early life Crimes begin Crimes continue Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Despite moving in similar circles, Silvanten only worked with her briefly; Eleanor was extricating herself by the time Silv established their reach. Merrell (co-conspirator) Silvanten’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both… read more »

Feal Candesort

Feal Candesort Early life Feal Candesort was raised by affable but absent parents in the city of Chime. She has a much-older sibling, but they have never met; Feal was born after her sibling had left the city. Musical fascination Bellsinging career Gallery Relationships Giselle Candesort (estranged sister) Born soon after Giselle left Chime, Feal… read more »

Giselle Candesort

Giselle is a young acrobat traveling with her troupe through the many regions of Eluthisura. While not especially flexible for an tumbler, she also entertains by dancing with her sword—a skill she modified from her childhood fencing lessons.

Erin Salo

Erin lives a somewhat sheltered life in the back of his mother’s apothecary. He has empty eye sockets, due to a magical accident before he was born, and he sees with 3 free-floating “eyes”—enchanted crystal balls—that follow him around. He enjoys his work in the shop, and has no wish to go outside.