Agravi is a quasi-unpaid employee currently assisting Cyril in running The Enchanter’s of Sune. Early life Journey to Sune At the Enchanter’s Gallery Relationships Cyril (co-annoyance, friend, sort-of-employer) Quotes Trivia Related


Cyril is an indentured apprentice enchanter who inherited The Enchanter’s of Sune after his owner-teacher-predecessor mysteriously disappeared. Early life Cyril recalls little of his early life. This is in part because, while he understands that Meric is an unreliable narrator, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction when he has only a liar for… read more »

Felix Melamry

Felix Melamry is an enchanter operating out of Sune. Early life Born Giselle Melamry, he was raised in a fringe settlement slightly northwards from Velm. His parents, while otherwise not strictly traditionalists, disdained the use of magic to cover up their semi-irrational fears of it, as both of them had been involved in an airship… read more »