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Chime1[KYEM] is a city of bells and towers located directly south of the Forest of Silence.


“Best not to stand in the middle of a square on the hour-times; the endless tinny ringing may drive you mad. It is a beautiful sound, but overwhelming in its accumulated power.”

— Leon Sprack’s Guide to the Magic Systems

The ringing bell-towers in Chime act as bellwethers of approaching magical drafts.

Residents who hear discordant tolling know well to steer clear of that region of the city until the sound and danger both die down.

The magic of Chime is based on a musical system of implementation, with different keys corresponding with different applications.


Serpentine streets wind, labyrinthine, between the city’s distinctive bell towers. The buildings bordering the city squat on the edge of farmland; further in, apartments rest above each other in neat stacks, comparable to the towers in height.



“The towers are a point of pride to all Chimians; even their speech lilts with light pealing.”

The Cultural History of Chime

Chime is a city rich in both money and culture, ever-ringing with the bright tones of bells. 

Though it shares some similarities in structure with the nearby city of Toly, the city of Chime is set up architecturally much like the mercantile district of Brilliance; many of the Brillian merchants and traders moved to Chime when Brillian property prices began to rise around the turn of the 19th century.

Key locations

  • The Center-Square
    A very loud place, especially on the hour, half hour, and quarter-hours. All the time, really. Despite being called ‘the Center Square,’ it is neither square nor in the center of Chime; instead, it is a long, wide boulevard that can be found on the northwestern edge of Chime.
  • Chime Proper
    The bustle of the city happens here; there are few towers bordering this segment of Chime, and none within it. The mercantile district runs along the southmost edge of the area, for easy access to the tradespost directly south of the city.

Residents & travelers

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