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Cyril1[TSI·rull] is an indentured apprentice enchanter who inherited The Enchanter’s of Sune after his owner-teacher-predecessor mysteriously disappeared.

Early life

Cyril recalls little of his early life. This is in part because, while he understands that Meric is an unreliable narrator, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction when he has only a liar for a source.

According to Meric, Cyril’s parents were impoverished merchant-travelers from Henwalf who offloaded Cyril at their first opportunity. Cyril doubts this comprises the full truth, as the arrangements required to reach Sune from Henwalf would more than bankrupt any poorer travelers.

Escape attempts




Agravi [by @suitcasedragon]

Agravi (co-annoyance, friend)



  • Left hand and both legs (to mid-calf) are a bright ‘cabbage-y’ green. This is due to an alchemical mishap caused by Agravi, for which Cyril has not quite yet forgiven him.
  • The coin necklace he wears causes him to appear anywhere between the ages of fifteen and thirty.
    • Despite being meant to make him look somewhere in his early twenties, the magic in the atmosphere influences its precise effect.
    • His actual age is more or less sixteen by the time Meric disappears.


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