• Ancithh
    Ancithh is the variant of Cithhur shared by the cities of Chamiska, Kol-Kietch, and Ohlan. It is characterized by a ‘bitten-off’ cadence and dropping the… read more »
  • antidephlogisticatory
    A substance originating in Sune that causes everything it comes into contact with to become highly flammable. Made to counter dephlogisticatories, which it does—and then some. Often… read more »


  • Brillian
    Brillian is the variant of Cithhur that originated in Brilliance and spread to the surrounding settlements. The dialect is characterized by a careful overenunciation of… read more »
  • Bring-Your-Own-Kettle
    Bring-Your-Own-Kettle is a traveler’s song that reached popularity around the turn of the 14th century. It consists of a wordless melody to be played on… read more »
  • bellsinger
    Bellsingers are the magic-users of Chime and its surrounding area.


  • Chimian Lullaby
    Also known more specifically in Chime as Song for the Star-Filled Expanse, the Chimian Lullaby is probably the most famous song to originate south of… read more »
  • Cithhur
    Cithhur is the most widespread spoken language of Eluthisura, and is commonly considered the official language of the continent. It has roots in Cahenhes, the… read more »
  • cahes
    The cahes style is a particular type of building ornamentation. Though there are several variations, a typical cahes-style structure will be made of white or… read more »
  • caheritha
    A caheritha is a building made in the cahes style.
  • crystallosphere
    A crystal ball, specifically one belonging to the subset that has no use for divination.


  • dephlogisticatory
    A substance originating in Sune that causes everything it comes into contact with to become fireproof. Nullified by antidephs. Often shortened to deph or dephs… read more »


  • enchanter
    A magic user native to Sune and the surrounding area adjacent to the Waste. They typically use more traditionally alchemic practices to access magic, as… read more »


  • Fiddler’s Lake
    Quiet and serene for eleven months out of the year, Fiddler’s Lake is some miles southwest of Drawermarket. During the month of June, the storm… read more »
  • fehncheus tree
    Known for its distinctive weblike roots, the fehncheus tree is a slow-moving carnivorous plant. During the first bloom of spring, a tree will grow fanlike… read more »


  • gréphiller
    A gréphiller is a mechanism by which messages can be passed in a lightweight and semi-encoded form between sender and recipient. The lightweight aspect is… read more »


  • haspen
    Haspen are long-necked birdlike creatures that are believed to fill the evolutionary niche between geese and whelfrinks. The natural environment of a haspen is a… read more »


  • ilkwen
    The ilkwen is a low-lying wetland plant that grows along the edge of water. Healthy ilkwen has a limey to dark green appearance, with fleshy… read more »


  • jialoqa
    The material jialoqa is a specific artisanal craft from Xifteil.


  • Khym-cithhur
    Khym-cithhur is the Chime-regional variant of Cithhur. It is characterized by emphasis on drawn-out sibilance and rapid fluctuations in pitch. This difference in tone works… read more »
  • knucker
    A species of dragon indigenous to the Waste, knuckers vary in color from sandy gold to reddish brown. A typical knucker community inhabits holes dug… read more »
  • kaolintel
    A small dragon-lizard with uniform smooth, thin scales set in a diamond offset pattern down its sides. They live primarily in wooded terrain and build… read more »


  • limn-spell
    A popular export of Sune and its fringe settlements, the limn-spell is a versatile bit of alchemical flair. Depending on the specific formulation, it can… read more »


  • magimeteorology
    The field of magimeteorology is a blanket category that covers a wide range of analysis and specialties, including the study of atmospheric distribution, weather prediction,… read more »
  • mescitects
    Magical practitioners from the vaguely defined flatlands of Kol Kietch and its surrounding area.
  • méchanquien
    A méchanquien is defined as a human who has part of their body replaced with a mechanical alternative; this can be any bodily component, from… read more »
  • méchanque
    A magic user from Brilliance, or the surrounding region. Méchanques tend to work with primarily non-magical mechanisms, only infusing or inserting magic to an individual… read more »
  • magical exposure
    While most Eluthisurans are exposed to magic on a daily basis, ‘magical exposure’ is more strictly defined as a circumstance in which exposure to magic… read more »


  • narissim
    The narissim is a type of book-loving dragon indigenous to the same general area as Ectance.



    • postury
      A postury is the building or facility in which the post is collected and sorted. Often includes a pigeonhouse inside or nearby. Also styled ‘postery’… read more »
    • pelsket
      A stonelike dragon native to the waste, pelskets can grow up to three feet in length.
    • pelemble
      A small rocklike insect native to the Waste. Due to its segmented body, sandy coloration, and tendency to investigate by ‘licking’ items with a modified… read more »



      • raptling
        The raptling can change the color and texture of its scales in order to hypnotize its prey. Individuals specimens range from anywhere from two to… read more »
      • reticelling
        A draconic species native to the borders of the Waste, the reticelling has a transparent faceted body. An interesting example of what happens when magic… read more »
      • rantipole
        A black, viscous substance most commonly used in the preparation of spells by the enchanters of Sune. Highly flammable, and reacts violently with water. Mainly… read more »


      • sill-haspen
        Sill-haspen are a subspecies of haspen easily identifiable by their four sets of wings and elongated necks. They live on high ledges and in eaves,… read more »
      • spritefinch
        Small, agile, and slightly luminous, spritefinches The species has an unusual symbiotic relationship with the fehncheus tree, a slow-moving carnivorous plant. During the first bloom… read more »
      • Skalken theory of magic
        The Skalken theory of magic posits that belief of or in a form will contribute to the ultimate function of the same form. Moreover, overarching… read more »
      • sorcer
        The term sorcer originated in the 1700s as a derogatory term for magic-users of Ectance, replacing the previously accepted term soraci. It is unclear when… read more »
      • soraci
        The term soraci was historically used to denote a magic-user of Ectance, up until some time in the 1700s. It is unclear when exactly it… read more »


      • toccwind
        A toccwind is a magimeteorological phenomenon during which the wind patterns sculpt clouds into spiral or loop-like patterns.
      • tin-cakes
        A palm-size treat cooked in a shallow tin. Despite their name, tin-cakes are often more savory than sweet. The sweetened cakes are baked much the… read more »
      • tisummunts
        Tiny mouselike dragons.
      • taes
        The taes symbol language differs from mapmarks and similar pictographs in that it straddles the area between read and pictured images. It is separate from… read more »
      • taes-whits
        The symbol language taes has individual symbols called taes-whits. Each tae-whit is comprised of two strokes, with one typically having a more vertical alignment and… read more »
      • tradesmark
        A tradesmark in taes is more complex than the typical two-stroke format. Tradesmarks can include up to six strokes and are constructed as an amalgamation… read more »


      • Ukifrr
        Ukifrr is a deity representing civilization and innovation. Origin Sphere of influence They are considered to have the most influence on suburban areas, as well… read more »


      • velpone
        The term velpone refers to a style of music originating from one of the settlements that eventually became Chamiska. The genre is characterized by the… read more »


      • when-pocket
        The term when-pocket is the informal term used to refer to areas of temporal disturbance that crop up in and around the Velvetdown. This phenomena… read more »
      • whelfrink
        A small aquatic dragon known for skimming over, and sometimes under, the surface of water. Whelfrinks are also the only type of dragon to be… read more »