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Ectance1[ECK·tans] is an unpredictable city on the edge of the Mistery. Its northwest edge is being slowly reclaimed by the magical gyre.


Ectance is unique: magic is a solid there. Everywhere else on the continent magic is a more gas-like substance that eddies on the breeze. It is theorized that the fault line surrounding Ectance and extending into the Mistery has something to do with it, but what, precisely, is unclear.

— Leon Sprack’s Guide to the Magic Systems

In its hyper-concentrated form, which appears something like sparkly orange-purple jelly, magic is a highly corrosive substance capable of eating through cloth, wood, skin, and metal. Cloth and wood take a matter of seconds to eat through, while skin can hold it off for a few minutes. Metal, depending on the type, can last up to five years.

The magic in Ectance and the surrounding suburban area coagulates anywhere sufficient thaumaturgical energy chooses to converge. The branch of magic here is unique in its corporeality, as Ectance is the only region in which working with magic is more hands-on than theoretical, alchemical, or experiemental. The magic-users often wear protective gear, as the magic is incredibly corrosive. Their profession used to be well-respected, as magic tends to appear anywhere, seemingly at random, and is difficult to deal with safely, but their societal standing is still recovering from the aptly named Sorcer Persecution of the 1700s.

The effects of magic on the world around it are exceedingly unpredictable, and will do anything from melting to transforming it.


How does one build a community in a place where explosions are the norm? Carefully.

The Dangers of Early Ectance

The economy currently depends on Ectance’s resident magicians to support itself. However, they are far from respected. Magicians are seen by many as second-class citizens, and are certainly treated as such. This has led to rising tensions between sorcers and nonmagical citizens, and the birth of three main factions: the middle-merchant coalition, sorcer-enforced gangs, and the nonmagical mob.

The middle-merchant coalition is most concisely summed up as mercenary; it is a mixed group of sorcers and nonmagical people who believe in looking past differences in order to elevate the economy of Ectance back to its pre-Brilliance ‘glory.’ Most members of this faction are more motivated by profit than feelings for their fellow humans, though some do support the cause for humanitarian purposes.



Looting and pillaging has become common; it is easy to use the magic to melt locks and threaten the more upstanding citizens out of their livelihoods. If no action is taken [original text illegible] decimation of our entire city to a combination of sorcer attacks and riots.

Preface to the Sorcer Plague Act of 1747

After Brilliance became the first–and thus far, only–city-state, it had rapidly industrialized the known world. Magicians had gone down in the estimation of the general population as the tasks traditionally delegated to them had been taken by the machinery. A derogatory term for the (some thought) outdated magicians cropped up: sorcers.

By the 1750s, anyone in Ectance that was even suspected to be a magician was exposed to magic – often so much, for so long, that even if they were a magician they did not survive. The sorcer persecution and magic burning was an extremely localized problem, dissimilar to anything seen anywhere else on the continent.

The sorcer persecution came to an end in 1786, shortly after the complete economic collapse of 1784. The collapse occurred because the magicless commodities that Ectance was capable of providing could be produced much more efficiently in Hithare, with its larger farmlands.  The only thing that could be most efficiently produced in Ectance was solidified magic–in fact, it was more a matter of collecting and storing it than finding it. It was in high demand in Brilliance to power their machinery, as the diluted magic found on the rest of the continent was insufficient to power large contraptions like airships.

The catch to this supposed “easy money” was that magic could only be touched at the cost of extreme pain…or by sorcers. After realizing this, Ectance officials reluctantly rescinded the sorcer plague act, the law making the touch test and sorcer discrimination legal.

Key locations

  • The Marketplace
    A bustling thoroughfare in the southwest quadrant of Ectance.
  • The Reclaimed Lands
    In the last century, the Mistery has encroached on land that used to be safe to cultivate and inhabit. The corrosive magical winds have rendered former farmland uninhabitable and prone to explosive concentrations of magic.
  • The Sewers
    An unfortunate necessity of any large city. Ectance’s sewers are much larger than the typical city sewers, and lend themselves well to being lived in by ‘vagrants and vagabonds.’

Residents & travelers

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