Felix Melamry

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Felix Melamry1[FEE·lyks mell·AM·ry] is an enchanter operating out of Sune.

Early life

Born Giselle Melamry, he was raised in a fringe settlement slightly northwards from Velm. His parents, while otherwise not strictly traditionalists, disdained the use of magic to cover up their semi-irrational fears of it, as both of them had been involved in an airship crash during a magical gale some years prior.


After leaving the region surrounding Velm, he had been traveling alongside a group of performers for the purpose of safety in numbers. Shortly afterwards, he met then-Felix Candesort, who joined the group for lack of other feasible direction. The two became friends during a short period of traveling south towards Sune, and near the end chose to swap their first names.

Afterwards, Felix Melamry continued on to his planned destination in the eastern fringe of Sune, while Giselle Candesort veered off with the rest of the performer group to circle around the Forest of Silence, ending up near Tulaven. They parted on good terms, with a promise to meet up later that year in the tradespost directly south of Velm, as that was as close as Felix could be to his hometown.

Enchanter career



Giselle [by @Lvaunt on Discord]

Giselle Candesort (best friend & partner)

She became fast friends with Felix on their journey to Sune, and they had a lengthy correspondence via letters while Giselle was traveling. Beyond friendship, records of their relationship are unclear; neither ever married, and Felix’s house in Sune was the closest Giselle ever came to having a permanent address.

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  • Primarily self-taught as an enchanter, since it is difficult to properly bottle alchemistic concoctions any further north than the edge of the Outwoods.
    • Any document he might produce as proof of education is forged.


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    [FEE·lyks mell·AM·ry]