Giselle Candesort

Giselle Candesort1[jis·EL CAN·des·or] is a young acrobat traveling with her troupe through the many regions of Eluthisura. While not especially flexible for an tumbler, she also entertains by dancing with her sword—a skill she modified from her childhood fencing lessons.

Early life

Born Felix Candesort, she was raised by affable but absent parents in the city of Chime.

She has a much-younger sister by the name of Feal Candesort, but they did not grow up together, and did not meet until Feal was 12, as Feal was born after Giselle left the city.

When she left Chime, Giselle was sixteen years of age, carrying little other than a hatbox of clothing and a small amount of money swiped from her father’s desk.

Travels begin

Soon after departing Chime, she met then-Giselle Melamry, who had been traveling alongside a group of performers for the purpose of safety in numbers. The two became friends during a short period of traveling south towards Sune, and near the end chose to swap their first names.

Afterwards, Felix Melamry continued on to his planned destination in the eastern fringe of Sune, while Giselle Candesort veered off with the rest of the performer group to circle around the Forest of Silence, ending up near Tulaven. While she was torn about splitting up from her friend, they parted on good terms with a promise to meet up later that year in the tradespost directly south of Velm.

Troupe and career

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Return to Chime

Giselle returned to Chime unwillingly, called back by a cousin to whom she owed a debt. Upon her return, she was forced to confront her childhood – both the parts she disliked or hated, and those that sparked nostalgia.

Despite never thinking of herself as someone on the run from the past, she wrote at some length about what she termed “the strange disconnect between now, then, and myself,” mainly in letters addressed to Felix Melamry. It is unclear if any of these letters were ever sent, as the ones that eventually reached publication were stored for some years in a locked valise.



Feal [by @suitcasedragon]

Feal Candesort (younger sibling)

Felix [by @suitcasedragon]

Felix Melamry (best friend & partner)

He became fast friends with Giselle on their journey to Sune, and they had a lengthy correspondence via letters while Giselle was traveling. Beyond friendship, records of their relationship are unclear; neither ever married, and Felix’s house in Sune was the closest Giselle ever came to having a permanent address.

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  • Her hair is naturally a darker blonde, and she likes to keep it dyed to the roots; it’s her one big ‘splurge’ on the road.2The bright blue-green is achieved with a combination of limn-spell and more traditional dye.
  • Some people are surprised at how deep her voice is, and she has been told that “it doesn’t fit [her] image.”3Generally she never talks to these people again, unless they apologize.
  • Eyes can appear several different colors, though they are naturally gray-blue.
    • The other colors can be a consequence of reflected light, or judicious application of a limn-spell for a performance.4See limn-spell below for more information.
  • She will go almost anywhere except for Chime. It is even one of her goals to visit some portion of Miracle, beyond the tradesposts that are open to the public.


  • 1
    [jis·EL CAN·des·or]
  • 2
    The bright blue-green is achieved with a combination of limn-spell and more traditional dye.
  • 3
    Generally she never talks to these people again, unless they apologize.
  • 4
    See limn-spell below for more information.