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The magic of Henwalf is gusty and strange; it remains mostly unharnessed, due to its elusive quality.

— Leon Sprack’s Guide to the Magic Systems


Everything I carry is regulated—or perhaps it just seems that way, since all I carry is produce. Nevertheless, my wares are inspected what feels like every twenty feet. After inquiring at some length as to how others are passing the checkpoints so fast, I hear that they have ‘registered their signature.’ Apparently this means some type of magical signature, and is a common thing here. Perhaps I will need to ‘register’ soon also, however it may be done.

— The Food Tollfarer, a Memoir


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Originally established as an agricultural arm of Brilliance in 1572, Henwalf was remotely governed until 1681, at which time the new governing body of Henwalf formally submitted their secession from Brilliance.

By most residents of Henwalf, this was seen as a potentially bad move, due mostly to their previous protected status as a part of Brilliance. It is unclear how much of this was actual sentiment and how much was influenced by the rapid-fire Brillian propoganda of the time.

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