Lady Eleanor May

The Lonely Collector


Lady Eleanor Ambritte May, born Therese Fasly, is a contradictory individual.

Lady Eleanor tends to keep most people at a distance, as she likes to control all variables of a situation and other people interfere with that goal. She also does not trust easily, and most of her “friends” are far more like acquaintances.

Early life

Brought up in one of the fringe settlements outside of Brilliance, it was Therese’s lifetime goal to live in the city that she saw glowing brightly on the horizon every morning. However, as she was the fifth child of two household servants, her prospects were not particularly good. To make things worse, a catastrophical magical storm swept through her town the year she turned fifteen, killing both her parents and seriously injuring her. As all of her siblings were either indentured or likewise killed, there was nowhere she could go.

She ended up begging her way into the “mercies” of a traveling salesman, who was soon revealed to be a conman. She was then used by him to sell his wares, using her younger face and persevering complications of her injuries to convince prospective buyers.

Later life and schemes

Therese, availing herself of one of the conman’s associates, changed her name and acquired paperwork to become Eleanor Ambritte May. She then placed her stolen treasures in strategic places so that she could “discover” them to claim the rewards for returning them. She was not pleased about giving up “her” things, but the combined bounties were enough for her to begin investing and build herself into a lady with an estate inside the walls of Brilliance.


After Anna disappeared from the cage that held her for ten years, Eleanor succumbed to a brief but extreme bout of paranoia, spending nearly two weeks locked in her own bedroom and afraid for her life.



Anna [by @aureopeach]

Anna (former captive)

Merrell [by @s-t-r-a-y]

Merrell Belkerst (former associate)

Silvanten [by @suitcasedragon]

Silvanten Caverie (former associate)


“Perhaps it ought to be melted down, then.”


  • Eleanor is a semi-reformed kleptomaniac.
  • She keeps people at a distance in order to avoid anyone who might recognize her as the daughter of two servants previously employed in Brilliance.
  • Her greatest fear is having her past catch up to her in any way.