Leonard Sprack

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Leonard Sprack1[LENN·ard SPRAK] is a young explorer based in Brilliance. Though he thinks of himself as most prominently an adventure-seeker, he is better known throughout Eluthisura for his written works. He is the first young noble-class author to pen magical analyses of the major regions of the continent, as well as the first to write travel guidebooks that take into account the budget of the commonfolk.

It is difficult to get him to let a subject go if he is invested; while he is not necessarily ignorant of social expectations and the like, he tends to breeze past them when truly enthusiastic.

Early life

Leonard Sprack was brought up within the walls of the Brilliance city-state by parents who emigrated from Chamiska.

Exploration begins


Writing career

Leonard began his writing career by adapting a sporadically compiled journal into a tourist book, which he called “The Countryperson’s Guide to Brilliance.” He admittedly feels a bit strange about the title now; it feels a bit pretentious to call his collection of notes a proper guide, and most of his ‘country’ knowledge is secondhand.



I find it somewhat off-putting that my shoes have turned to carrots in the night.

You speak of adventure for the sake of adventure as a bad thing. But what is adventure for if not the bare thrill of a new experience?

If that bloody dragon eats my last pair of socks, we will be having words.


  • At the age of 19, Leonard’s best guess at a pseudonym was to abbreviate his first name, thus the publication of his first three books under the extremely transparent alias ‘Leon Sprack.’
  • Leonard is a highly exuberant individual, to a degree that often drives others away.
  • He often fixates on a specific location and cannot rest until he has visited it.


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    [LENN·ard SPRAK]