Merrell Belkerst

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Merrell Belkerst1[MAYR·ell BELL·kurst] is a shopkeeper, con artist, and former thief currently making their living in Henwalf.

Early life

Career as ‘Thief of Masks’



Lady Eleanor [by @suitcasedragon]

Lady Eleanor May (former associate)

Silvanten [by @suitcasedragon]

Silvanten Caverie (co-conspirator)

Silvanten is Merrell’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both operating outside of the law, the specific moral lines they each draw around themselves keep them periodically at odds.


“Apologies, was that not dramatic enough for you?”


  • They can be recognized in most forms by the ‘double moles’ that still exist on their arms, face, and neck.
    • ‘Shape-changing’ ability, for them, is more cosmetic than transformative; anything past general bone structure is out of their wheelhouse.
  • The moniker ‘Thief of Masks’ came about independently of their shifting; because of its more subtle nature, their multitudinous ‘masks’ have been attributed to skill with cosmetics and disguise.


  • 1
    [MAYR·ell BELL·kurst]