Pelvis1[PEL·viss] is an ex-dragon construct that was trapped for at least a century in the bones of a deceased priest. Its name derives from the fact that shattering the pelvic bone was what freed it. It now lives in the bones of Armoire and is a mildly helpful nuisance.

Pelvis appears as a semi-transparent wyvern skull attached to a line of vertebrae. Its bones glow blue and orange in patches and often do not seem to fit together correctly.2It also manifests as irritating bone spurs, reflective eyes, and flaky yellow scales on its host, Armoire.

Early life / creation

Pelvis was born as the only male in a clutch of wyvernlings. The underground nest was near the then-thriving temple-city east of present-day Ship Yard.

Hibernation & release

Through means unknown, Pelvis ended up within the central temple of the temple-city at the time of its fall. It recalls only the collapse of the temple and a feeling of extreme heat, before everything was darkness.

Parasitic / symbiotic relationship

Pelvis is classified as a spiritual parasite; despite not having a marked negative effect on the so-called ‘soul’ of its host, it refuses to assist or integrate in the way that would indicate a symbiotic relationship. It exists around, rather than within, the host body, with indefinite edges. Being a bone dragon, it occasionally causes the host to grow external juts of bone and / or patchy wyvernlike scales. These growths have thus far been benign, and are shed within one to three weeks of formation.



Armoire [by @suitcasedragon]

Armoire (host)


“I do not know why you thought I would—manifest—wings? Well? What do you mean ‘you are a—dragon.’ I am mostly—energy—and I used to be a wyvern. No—wyverns do not have wings.”


  • Pelvis’ time with the people of the temple during formative years gave him repeated exposure to human language, allowing much greater fluency than others of his species.
    • Other wyvernlings tend to only be exposed to small bursts of speech, and thus use human languages to the same degree as a parrot might.
  • Pelvis understands that the cadence and tone of humans’ speech adds meaning to it, but has not yet quite figured out the precise correlations. The pacing of conversation with it can be a bit disorienting.


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    It also manifests as irritating bone spurs, reflective eyes, and flaky yellow scales on its host, Armoire.