Sock is a small quadrupedal dragon who functions as a nuisance and moonlights as a navigational device. It is flightless in the way that chickens and especially determined cats are flightless.

Early life

Very little is known about Sock, perhaps especially by itself. According to its species type, a sort of smooth-sided white lizard known as a kaolintel, it most likely originated somewhere near or in the Outwoods. However, by the time it met Leonard, it was menacing the guards at Toly‘s southward trading outpost.

Pre-compass adventures

Mostly left at home, due to its attitude. During this period, it learned a great many escape strategies.

Post-compass adventures

Taken out of necessity and a grudging determination (on Leonard‘s part), Sock functions as a pseudo-navigation device. Due to its somewhat contentious relationship with Leonard, it will sometimes simply refuse to navigate without extreme bribery.



Leonard Sprack (???)

Adventuring into Toly, Leonard saved several sentries from Sock (then unnamed). Unbeknownst to him, it then snuck into his luggage; he has been unable to be rid of it yet.




  • Its full name is Sock Eater; it was named in a fit of pique.
    • It is also a big eater of shiny things.
  • Enjoys sitting on airship railings.
  • Fins and tail flap are adapted for short-distance swimming.
    • Stripes and fins were originally a brown-green woodsy color, before changing to gold after eating the compass.