The Seeling

The Seeling is a false deity also known as Aecoyye or Sky-Healer. It occasionally appears to its believers in a mask of damp river-clay sculpted to a vaguely feminine face bordered by celestial motifs; without the mask, its body is covered by a white shroud.


Pelvis is an ex-dragon construct that was trapped for at least a century in the bones of a deceased priest. Its name derives from the fact that shattering the pelvic bone was what freed it. It now lives in the bones of Armoire and is a mildly helpful nuisance.


Ukifrr is a deity representing civilization and innovation. Origin Sphere of influence They are considered to have the most influence on suburban areas, as well as other realms in which civilization is established but still expanding. Motifs Ukifrr appears with white-tipped wings and the remains of the snare on their right ankle. Gallery Trivia Related


MousetrapĀ is a magical construct that has (more or less) free reign of Drawermarket. The town’s residents treat it much like a stray cat.


Anna is a mechanique from Brilliance, recently escaped from captivity. Early life / creation Eleanor initially treated Anna well, referring to her with the name Eibhlin and dressing her like a doll. Initially discomfited by the strange, lifelike qualities exhibited by something she’d bought as a curiosity, Eleanor contacted Roan. After being assured by Roan… read more »