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The Seeling

The Seeling is a false deity also known as Aecoyye or Sky-Healer. It occasionally appears to its believers in a mask of damp river-clay sculpted to a vaguely feminine face bordered by celestial motifs; without the mask, its body is covered by a white shroud.


Pelvis is an ex-dragon construct that was trapped for at least a century in the bones of a deceased priest. Its name derives from the fact that shattering the pelvic bone was what freed it. It now lives in the bones of Armoire and is a mildly helpful nuisance.


Sock is a small quadrupedal dragon who functions as a nuisance and moonlights as a navigational device. He is flightless in the way that chickens and especially determined cats are flightless. Very little is known about Sock, perhaps especially by itself.


MousetrapĀ is a magical construct that has (more or less) free reign of Drawermarket. The town’s residents treat it much like a stray cat.