Agravi is a quasi-unpaid employee currently assisting Cyril in running The Enchanter’s of Sune. Early life Journey to Sune At the Enchanter’s Gallery Relationships Cyril (co-annoyance, friend, sort-of-employer) Quotes Trivia Related


Cyril is an indentured apprentice enchanter who inherited The Enchanter’s of Sune after his owner-teacher-predecessor mysteriously disappeared. Early life Cyril recalls little of his early life. This is in part because, while he understands that Meric is an unreliable narrator, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction when he has only a liar for… read more »


Oriane-Nafiya is an author, poet, and ex-acolyte of the false deity known as the Seeling. She grew up in Lora-Quielle, but now lives in Velm. Early life Orianna was born in a community dwelling outside the walls of the main temple in Lora-Quielle. Her parents consulted the outer courtyard and were presented with the name… read more »

Lialle Fisliery

The Eldest Sibling Introduction Early life Scarring incident Magical crimes Gallery Relationships Brick (friend) Quotes “” Trivia Related

Bandage Boy

A nameless child on the streets, the bandage boy estimates his age to be around sixteen years. He currently lives in an unused section of the sewers underneath the border of the mercantile district.


Armoire is a young porridge enthusiast residing in northern Eluthisura. He is currently possessed by the spirit of an ex-dragon with an affinity for bone.

Erin Salo

Erin lives a somewhat sheltered life in the back of his mother’s apothecary. He has empty eye sockets, due to a magical accident before he was born, and he sees with 3 free-floating “eyes”—enchanted crystal balls—that follow him around. He enjoys his work in the shop, and has no wish to go outside.

Leonard Sprack

Leonard Sprack is a young explorer based in Brilliance. Though he thinks of himself as most prominently an adventure-seeker, he is better known throughout Eluthisura for his written works. He is the first young noble-class author to pen magical analyses of the major regions of the continent, as well as the first to write travel… read more »


Teal is a young adult on an ‘adventure’ away from her home in the Forest of Silence. She works in The Dripping Pen as a typesetter, when not tangled up in Anna’s travels and misadventures. Early life Aaptil Chiu was born in a village on the edge of Miracle in the Forest of Silence. Raised… read more »


Anna is a mechanique from Brilliance, recently escaped from captivity. Early life / creation Eleanor initially treated Anna well, referring to her with the name Eibhlin and dressing her like a doll. Initially discomfited by the strange, lifelike qualities exhibited by something she’d bought as a curiosity, Eleanor contacted Roan. After being assured by Roan… read more »