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Brilliance is a city-state that expanded slowly from the size of a small town. As such, only “Brilliance proper” is actually considered to be Brilliance by most mapmakers; the mercantile district, shipyard, barracks, wall-regions, and outer guard turrets are all relatively recent additions that function as protections and fringe areas for Brilliance — though they are slowly integrating to a more cohesive whole.

Candor Marcheska

Candor is a young immigrant living in the shipyards of Brilliance; they—and their family—are originally from Mellery.

Silvanten Caverie

Silvanten Caverie is a career criminal based primarily in Chime. Early life Crimes begin Crimes continue Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Despite moving in similar circles, Silvanten only worked with her briefly; Eleanor was extricating herself by the time Silv established their reach. Merrell (co-conspirator) Silvanten’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both… read more »

Merrell Belkerst

Merrell Belkerst is a shopkeeper, con artist, and former thief currently making their living in Henwalf. Early life Career as ‘Thief of Masks’ Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Silvanten Caverie (co-conspirator) Silvanten is Merrell’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both operating outside of the law, the specific moral lines they each draw… read more »


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Ukifrr is a deity representing civilization and innovation. Origin Sphere of influence They are considered to have the most influence on suburban areas, as well as other realms in which civilization is established but still expanding. Motifs Ukifrr appears with white-tipped wings and the remains of the snare on their right ankle. Gallery Trivia Related