Update 7.9.23

  • More pages fixed to new biography format;
  • Relevant established backstory information & images added to Anna’s biography;
  • Partial reformat of gallery subheading to include link credits;
  • NON-SITE: Some characters posted to Art Fight;
  • Formatting fixed & images added to Teal’s biography;
  • Fiddler’s Lake homepage link now active;
  • Several entries added to the Definitions page.

Update 3.9.23

  • Pronunciation guides added to more posts in both Biographies and Definitions;
  • Sune now features a map;
  • Ectance now features a map;
  • Jaslen now has a face on her character page, and links back properly;
  • Kes now has a biography and some character motivations;
  • Timeline construction has begun;
  • Each member of the Troupe now has their poster in the gallery of their biography page.

Update 2.26.23

  • Titles removed from most, if not all, bio pages;
  • The Biographies page* has been replaced by a new, less-disorganized Biographies page;
  • Chime now features a map;
  • Multiple pronunciations added to both Biographies & Definitions;
  • Caida now has a profile image.

Update 2.13.23

  • The relationship between Leonard and Sock has been now correctly defined as animosity;
  • Kes is now (correctly, in-world) credited as the composer of ETTL;
  • The Biographies* page finds itself slightly more alphabetized than before;
  • The World Map* page is out of date & will be hidden posthaste;
  • Tin-cakes now appear on the Definitions page, along with others;
  • Incorrect featured images removed, ensuring that Bandage Boy now only appears as one character;
  • Anna acquired more facts on her biography page;
  • Brilliance now has a general map, which appears correctly on desktop and unpredictably on mobile;
  • Extra textboxes removed from character sidebars.

Update 1.8.23

  • New characters linked through Chime & Sune;
  • Previously existing character1Felix now has a face to put to the name;
  • Clickable map* now exists, though only some clicks have pages yet;
  • BYOK has been uploaded as a definition on the Definitions page, along with others;
  • Missing sidebars (mostly) fixed;
  • Footnotes are being added, with a ~75% chance of working2So far..

*Link deprecated.