Brilliance is a city-state that expanded slowly from the size of a small town. As such, only “Brilliance proper” is actually considered to be Brilliance by most mapmakers; the mercantile district, shipyard, barracks, wall-regions, and outer guard turrets are all relatively recent additions that function as protections and fringe areas for Brilliance — though they are slowly integrating to a more cohesive whole.

Merrell Belkerst

Merrell Belkerst is a shopkeeper, con artist, and former thief currently making their living in Henwalf. Early life Career as ‘Thief of Masks’ Gallery Relationships Lady Eleanor May (former associate) Silvanten Caverie (co-conspirator) Silvanten is Merrell’s constant partner-in-crime and infrequent paramour. Despite both operating outside of the law, the specific moral lines they each draw… read more »